Capacitors: What They Are and How They Work


Capacitors: In the vast world of electronics, capacitors stand out as one of the fundamental components, akin to resistors and inductors. At its core, a capacitor is akin to a miniature energy reservoir. It has the capacity (hence the name) to collect and store energy, only to release it later when needed. Imagine a dam: it holds back water (analogous to electrical energy) and can release it in a...

What are resistors & how do they work?


What is a Resistor? A resistor is a passive electronic component that offers electrical resistance in a circuit. It’s a vital component in almost all electronic circuits, from the simplest to the most complex ones. Its main function is to limit the flow of electrical current. Think of resistors like the water flow regulators in your household. Just as these regulators limit the flow of...

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