Do You Really Need to ‘Safely Remove’ USB Drives?


In our fast-paced digital age, the little pop-up or icon prompting users to “safely remove” or “eject” a USB drive might seem like a redundant step. Can yanking out a USB stick genuinely lead to damage? Let’s delve into the reasoning behind this often-overlooked step and its importance in the broader digital landscape. Why the “Safely Remove” Option...

The Truth About “Deleting” Files from Your Devices: Magic Trick or Illusion?


Picture this: You’ve just taken a hilarious (or maybe not-so-flattering) photo of yourself wearing socks with sandals. Before anyone can see this fashion faux pas, you quickly delete it. Phew, crisis averted. Or is it? What if I told you that hitting ‘delete’ might not be the magic eraser you think it is? Let’s dive into the riveting realm of file deletion and unveil the...

Is ‘www’ Needed Anymore?


I have no idea if you are old enough to remember, I certainly am, every web address began with “www”. Those three W’s, standing for “World Wide Web,” once told nearly every human being exactly where they were going. But as the internet has evolved, the once-ubiquitous “www” seems to be fading into the background. This leads us to the question: Do we still...

Are Email Addresses Case Sensitive? Debunking the Myth


It’s 2023, and in the age of rapid technological advancements, there still remains a slight haze around a seemingly basic topic: the case sensitivity of email addresses. I work in a job where someone reads me their email address perhaps 20 times a day. I would estimate that around a third or more of them say “OK, it’s all lowercase” and then reads out the address. Where do...

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